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My mom is a very important person to me.

Here is a collection of pictures of her through the years.

My mom has always been there for me encouraging me to be the best that I can be and always giving me unconditional love.  I remember that when I was in collage she worked 2 some time 3 jobs so that she could help me pay tuition.  When I made wrong choices in my life, she never criticized, just loved me and supported me.  She was a fantastic help and support while I was going through my divorce.  I knew that I could always call her and cry on her shoulder.  I know that I can count on her when I need help.

My mom also taught me some of the greatest lessons in life.  She taught me to have a kind and generous spirit and to help others.  She also taught me to stand up for myself, and to be self sufficient.  She taught me to work hard and to be proud of what I do.  Some of these lessons took me a long time to learn, but the foundations of them were laid by the example my mom set.

Mom, I love you and thank you for the roll you have played in my life and for the unconditional love and support you give to me.